Jackie CHABANAIS Acrobat on 4, 3, 2 and 1 Wheel !!!




But where stop Jackie CHABANAIS? For those that have seen his spectacle, they can say that he doesn’t use very common vehicles. And furthermore his passion is to pilot them like nobody did have imagined before him. How can he dream of similar vehicles, so surprising acrobatics. In all case, with his TRACTOWHEEL, his balance has been put once more to rough test. To the profit of his humour, of his craving to astonish and well on of his spectacle.

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To Roll with a Tractor Wheel.

Many months to construct the first "One Wheel Tractor ". Jackie CHABANAIS hangs to his dream: to do acrobatics with a wheel of tractor. He will be placed to the interior. The weight will be a handicap, the manoeuvrability a difficulty , the brake very sensitive . At the time of the first trainings, two big falls come to confirm the fears. It will need necessary a great method.


  • Motor 80 cc

  • Gear box: 6 speeds

  • Transmission by chain and pebble

  • Brake with a wood skate

  • Weight: 175 Kg

  • HEIGHT: 1,65 cm

  • LENGTH: 1,65 cm also

  • Speed max: that depends on fields

On CHAMPS ELYSEES with his TRACTOWHEEL on the finish line of TOUR de FRANCE 98


After hundreds kilometers past inside his wheel, to imagine, to attempt, to dare, at last, here he is ready for loopings, or drive the head down below, do to roll his wheel as a hoop etc... ASTONISHING!!! And the training continue. Jackie CHABANAIS will find other acrobatics, this is sure. He need it. This is essential to his mind.



Not need rear view mirror

Do to roll the wheel as a hoop